Monday, April 22, 2013

Marla had a little lamb

A couple of weeks ago, I took Marla to the Govin's Lambing Barn in Menomonie. It was a great time and I think we'll make it a yearly spring tradition. My only complaint was that Jeff was busy and I could have used an extra set of hands to take more and better pictures.

Marla's favorite part of the excursion was riding a horse-drawn wagon to the barn.

Mama sheep, looking for a handout.

I was so looking forward to getting a picture of Marla holding a lamb, but it turns out she liked looking at the animals a lot more than actually touching them. She was a little freaked out when this guy started to squirm in her arms. Also, I was later informed that this was actually a baby goat, not lamb. Oh well.

A farm worker went and found the runt of the litter so Marla could pet a pig that was more her size. :)

This made me a little nervous. Easy, Lennie.

The other major highlight was a pony ride! She LOVED it and threw a tantrum when it was over. Loving the farm!


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