Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walking and talking

Marla has been full-on walking for a couple weeks now, so I figured I should probably post something to prove it. Our baby has officially become a "toddler"!

For a while it seemed like Marla knew a couple of words, but only said them when we prompted her. Now there are a lot more real words thrown into strings of gibberish. I hear her using them (in the right context) while she reads her books, while she eats, responding to toys and activities. Like so many of her milestones, this really snuck up on me.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing in particular

There hasn't been a whole lot going on with us lately, but I feel like I've been busy. Must be due to the barnacle that's permanently attached herself to my leg. A cold, teething, and being 13 months old has made Marla exceptionally clingy lately. It's great for bonding. Not so great for things like brushing my teeth, preparing meals, folding laundry. I'm told this ends around age 12 or so... I'm going to miss going to the bathroom by myself.

It's a good thing she's so cute, right?

She's very into climbing steps lately.

And taking baths.

And, of course, reading books.

She learned how to play the piano.

And still likes her drum a lot. (Watch for that famous Schmidt temper towards the end.)

Her drum is multi-functional.

We completely finished nursing a few weeks ago, and as a result her appetite for real food has taken off. Most of the time we have a hard time getting her meal prepared and in front of her before she's screaming and banging the table (another Schmidt trait).

She likes utensils, though she's more successful with her hands. Well, maybe "successful" isn't the right word. See for yourself.

She's been walking a lot lately. She's still pretty unsteady on her feet and usually only makes it 4-5 steps before tumbling. Chasing Betsy has been great motivation for her to take off.

Oops, fell down again. This big girl will be running soon enough!