Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blog Post #1, wherein I sheepishly admit to reading Harry Potter 10 years after everyone else

For years, I've listened to people rave about the Harry Potter series.  Until now, I've secretly mocked them all for being sucked into such a fad and for saying things like "Hufflepuff" out loud without laughing.  However, I've begrudgingly started reading the books and lo and behold, I like them.  What's worse, I too now know the rules of Quidditch.  I guess not all fads are horrible.

Enter: our family's blog.  For me, blogging is a little bit like giving in and reading a popular series, years after the fact.  In the past, I've laughed at the idea of writing about my life and expecting people to actually read such ramblings.  But with the birth of our first baby looming on the horizon, it seems the most practical way to share updates and pictures of the family with anyone interested (i.e. our parents).  That said, I still have doubts about this whole process, so consider it an experiment until further notice.

Wish us luck!

Shana, Jeff, Betsy, and the Bun in the Oven