Friday, October 22, 2010

Goodbye, Friday night lights. See you next fall.

Last night was North's final football game of the season.  Not only did they WIN, but they played an outstanding game, with a final score of 54 to 22.  Way to go, Huskies!  What a great way to end the season.  I'm so proud of Jeff and all the work he's done to develop some great players. 

Pre-game huddle:

The proud coaching staff:

The wide receivers that Jeff coached:

Coach Schmidt with his two biggest fans (his wife and his mom): 

We're sad to see the end of the football season, but I'm glad to be getting a husband back for a few weeks.  Then it's on to basketball!

Dog = baby's best friend

I know what you've all been thinking since Jeff and I announced that we're having a baby: what will happen to Betsy??  How will she adjust?  Will she be jealous?  How will we possibly be able to continue coddling and spoiling her in the manner in which she's become accustomed?  Believe me, we've asked ourselves the same questions.  Frankly, I'm a little worried that the baby will have absolutely no idea that Betsy requires constant love and attention and might even expect that we devote more of our time and energy to her, rather than the dog.  Babies have some nerve, don't they?

A few weeks ago I watched our nephew, Brennan, and was eager to see Betsy's reaction to an infant in our home.  She was extremely interested in him, and even though she was a little clingy and anxious, I was pleased that she didn't try to tear his arm off or anything.  She actually tried to play with him a little (unbeknownst to him).

Can you tell which one is the baby here?

Betsy: "Fine, we can share the couch... for now."
Brennan: "What the heck IS this thing?"

Keep your fingers crossed that Betsy and our baby will be buddies.  Otherwise, it's off to a new home... for the baby, that is.  Only kidding.  I think. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


My birthday was last month.  It's not bad enough that I had to wear a bathing suit while pregnant, I also had to turn 30 without consuming any alcohol.  My child has no idea what kind of sacrifices I'm making for her.  Fortunately, I was able to compensate with some delicious Coldstone cake, courtesy of my husband.

Also, my friend Jodi got me this awesome maternity t-shirt!

Speaking of which, I'm officially 30 weeks into growing the person inside me.  Meaning she will make an appearance in about 10 weeks.  Meaning I'm freaking out just a little.  Here's a pregnancy update:

1) Baby Schmidt can now open her eyes and sense light/dark, weighs about three pounds, and is putting on fat quickly.
2) Bending over, walking, and getting up from the couch is starting to get uncomfortable at best and downright awkward at worst.
3) For the first time in my life, I'm consistently warm.  Even warmer than Jeff!  The other day he asked if we should turn on the heat and I thought he must be joking.  He wasn't.
4) The baby moves All. The. Time.  In the past month or so, her movements have evolved from sweet little kicks and nudges to what I can only assume are escape attempts.  I'm surprised I don't have bruises, the way she bounces around in there. 
5) I recently thought it would be fun to measure my belly.  Don't ask me why I thought that would be fun.  Suffice it to say that, in my doctor's words, I'm "growing very well."

There you have it.  30 years old and 30 weeks pregnant!