Thursday, August 28, 2014

Locks three years in the making

This post has been a long time coming: Marla's first haircut! Yes, I waited until she was three years old to cut her hair. But can you blame me? Just look at those beautiful waves.

We took her to Nicole's Salon downtown Eau Claire, where I get my own hair cut. They made a really big deal about it being her first cut, which was sweet. Here's the first lock, complete with a curl. 

Marla was pretty excited about the whole ordeal, until we got her into the chair. Then she got really serious. She didn't cry, but she sat stone-faced throughout the whole haircut and didn't smile again until she was done.

We didn't do bangs and just stuck with a shoulder-length bob. It has since grown to its previous length and hasn't lost its waviness! Unfortunately the curls of her early toddlerhood only pop up in extreme humidity.

First haircut on the books! She came away with a sucker and a certificate, and I came away misty-eyed with a lock of her hair in a baggie. Success!